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Welcome to my Cuba map web page where you can find many photos and maps of Cuba . The Republic of Cuba is island and Cuba is the biggest island in the Caribbean . Cuba is made of main island and few archipelagos with capital city named Havana . Second biggest city in Cuba is Santiago de Cuba and has same name as the province. Cuba has almost 12 million people who live there and I will try to give you some Cuba Map and photos of Cuba so that you can see how it looks in a case you would like to visit soon. Cuba Map above and below this text is the best look how Cuba looks today. People speak Spanish language and there are a few ethnics groups such as white (majority), African, Mulatto and Mestizo. Currency used in Cuba is Cuban peso and Cuban convertible peso. Cuba got independence from Spain October 10, 1868 and declared Republic from United States May 20, 1902 . January 1, 1959 started Revolution in Cuba and that was map road all the way till today!!!

I found excellent website and I decided to me it announcement because I know that many who love Cuba and specifically f Cuba Map lovers will appreciate this announcement! In order for all of us to stay in knowledge with latest news about Cuba I would like to invite you to come and join FORUM CUBA and start asking questions or just simply if you have information to share or you just came back from island why not share with others. It is simply free to join and post your questions or if you wish not to participate you still can read lots of information or check latest photos and videos of Cuban Maps. They have full section called FORUM CUBA where you will be able to chat about other Cuban travel destinations, cities, towns or simply read hotel reviews!

From province to province from map to map in Cuba you can see the difference in music and Cuisine. Cuban music is very nice and entertaining mostly music is salsa, rumba, mambo and cha-cha-cha. Cuban cuisine is mix of Spanish and Caribbean cuisines and they share spices and stiles. Favorite Cuban dishes are black beans, rice, pork and shredded beef.

The climate in Cuba map is tropical. There is wet and dry season where dry season is from November to April and rainy season form May to October. The best time to visit Cuba is March or April but any month is good as Cuba map is paradise on the Earth and I am sure that you will love it regardless of the time of the year!!!


Photo of Cuba below:



Map Of Cuba below:

Map of Cuba

At the end welcome again to the Cuba Map page where you will be able to see some awesome photos and information about Havana , Pinar Del Rio, Isla De La Juventud, Matanzas , Cienfuegos , Villa Clara, Sancti Spiritus, Ciego De Avila, Camaguey , Las Tunas, Granma, Holguin , Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo provinces. All fourteen provinces make one unique country know as CUBA . If you never visited this beautiful island you shouldn't miss the chance! Cuba has the most gorgeous white sand beaches in the world, the most outstanding architectural buildings in cities such as Havana , Santiago de Cuba and Trinidad , the most turbulent history and the friendliest people known worldwide.

No matter what your interests are there is something for everyone in this nature diversified tropical gateway that is becoming more and more popular. If you are a beach lover the Matanzas (where the best Varadero beaches are), Holguin, Ciego de Avila and Isla de la Juventud provinces are a must; if you are an eager explorer, nature lover or avid biker make sure you visit the untouched natural flora and fauna in wildest regions of Pinar del Rio, Sancti Spiritus, Camaguey or Cienfuegos provinces; if you are interested in famous Cuban revolution and history of its people the Villa Clara, Las Tunas, Granma or Santiago de Cuba provinces are the right place to be; if you are into architecture, music or dance make sure you visit the best of all Havana and Santiago de Cuba cities and Guantanamo province.

And last but not the least, I would like to thank you for visiting this Cuba Map website and I hope you'll find what you're looking for in Cuba Map right here. Please feel free to check out all the links on this page and make commitment to visit this all in one place about Cuba as I will try to update it as often as I can with new Cuban photos and other stuff.

Enjoy this virtual paradise of Cuba Map!

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